2014 Conference on Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays

Presentation on TALE at UHECR 2014


The 2014 Conference on Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays was held on October 12-15 in Springdale, Utah, a small town located at the entrance to Zion National Park.  Researchers from all over the world gathered to share their research on cosmic rays with the rest of the international community.  The conference focused on the physics of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, and was the third in a series that began in Nagoya (2010) and continued at CERN (2012).  Over the course of the four-day event, researchers delivered over forty presentations on the state of cosmic ray research.  Attendees were also able to enjoy many outdoor activities provided by the nearby national park.

Hikers at the 2014 Conference on Ultra High Energy Cosmic RaysAs Pierre Sokolsky noted in his closing remarks, there have been approximately 6,300 talks on cosmic rays since 1982.  Over the course of over thirty years, the field has come to a general agreement about much of the nature of cosmic rays (except at the highest energies).  While research presented at the conference illustrates a number of promising new approaches, there are still many mysteries that are yet unexplained.

PDF versions of the presentations, as well as presentation slides are available at the Conference Website.